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The farm
2014-04-16 11:42:18

I don’t often take my camera to places when I’m not working, even when I should. This includes my honeymoon where I decided to take pictures on my phone - all well and dandy until it decided to launch itself out of my hands and on to a marble floor, face down, on our return.

Recently my husband and I went on a wee break on a working farm on the outskirts of Durham. Belonging to friends of ours, they agreed we could come and ‘help out’ (or, pretend to be farmers and generally get in the way) during lambing season. Honeymoons, pah! Playing with little lambs? Who wouldn't want pictures of that…

PS. I’m busy editing pictures from a gorgeous wedding last Saturday, and getting ready for another this coming weekend so normal love oh love subjects will resume next week! Alternatively, you can check through my back catalogue of blogs on that there side panel on the right.


Heather: did you help to clean the blood on the baby lambs??

Pui : Hi Heather! You have to clear the mucus from the lamb's mouth and nose, you can do this by swinging the lamb on it's back legs to get the airflow going. After that, you lay the lamb down and encourage the mother to clean the rest of afterbirth to claim it as it's own x

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