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I spent the morning with two boisterous boys
2015-04-15 08:23:52

Years ago I found myself in a classic children's photography studio, jumping up and down with a mum and dad shouting 'Oscar Oscar Oscar' at a small child who refused to look this way. After an hour or two of cajoling this poor wee thing to dance monkey dance, I vowed that would be my one and only attempt at photographing children. A year or so later, someone asked if I would take some pictures of their kid in a park. Um, okay. It was so much better. No forced smiles, no weird unnatural poses and best of all, the end result was more interesting. Monkeys look better in their natural habitats yo.

Since then, I've done all my family shoots in the park or at home, documenting those authentic everyday hilarious, joyous and hard moments that come with little ones. Here is Luka and Kaisan having breakfast, playing with their favourite toys and getting ready for a party at a neighbour's house.


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