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Bridal make up
2014-03-19 10:39:46

This blog post is about make-up, not photography. Soz. But hey, itís my blog and I can do what I want, weeeee!

I didnít get a make up artist to do my face for my wedding day; not because I am super sure of my skillz wielding a liquid eyeliner, but more because the one time I had my make up applied Ďprofessionallyí I came home looking like a Thai ladyboy extra from the film Blade Runner. Iím pretty sure I rocked this look but it wasnít what I had in mind for a wedding, let alone mine. I had a great hairdresser, who would have done a mighty fine job with the face too, but instead I decided to go it alone.

I love the World Wide Web. Many a lonely hour has been passed with me getting a bit click happy. I now know significantly more about economics, science, technology and meerkats than I ever thought I would. Hello internet black hole. Anyway. The internet is full of helpful tips and hints about making your face pretty for your day. Iím sure it is pretty, I mean prettier.

Before my BIG DAY, I always looked a bit geisha-like in pictures. Why? *Quick internet search* Ohhhh, thatíll be the flash bouncing off the SPF in my foundation. Obviously a massive a no-no on a day when people are literally stabbing you in the eyes with flash. I used MAC Face & Body Foundation if you anyoneís interested - itís ace.

I donít know jack about make-up, but here are some internet folk I found helpful:

For flawless, photo-happy faces, Anna knows what sheís talking about. Lisa Eldridge is some kind of make up guru. I put her videos on when Iím getting ready for a night on the tiles because I find her voice soothing. I probably sound a bit mental. She has done a bridal two-parter which can be found here.

Some hints and tips courtesy of Bobbi Brown. If youíre a bit cack-handed, you might want to consider taking yourself to their nearest counter for a hands-on tutorial. Youíll probably come away with a not so cheap haul, but think about it like this: youíre practically saving money by not hiring a professional, right?

For the seriously committed, a ten point beauty plan has been put together by the peeps at Get the Gloss (that starts six months before the day itselfÖyes, I know) and for the less committed, before you start freaking out, hereís a pretty good article about the whole beauty shebang on Sali Hughes website.

I also want to share this video for no reason other than itís funny and will make you snort with recognition. I could put some tenuous link inÖ um, donít drink too much buckís fizz before you get married. There it is. Smoooth.

Finally, some stuff that worked for me:

Laura Mercier foundation primer

MAC face and body foundation

Shu Uemura colourless loose matte powder

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner

HypnŰse Waterproof from LancŰme

And finally, finally: I bought a perfume that I had wanted for the longest time. I didnít buy it for a good year and a half before discovering it because it is an eye-watering £130. I wonít mention it here, because it recently got a bucketload of press and Iím more than slightly miffed that a bunch of people are going round smelling like me. However, what I will say is that my 100ml bottle has lasted almost two years and I wear it every single day. I included it in the wedding budget because it was a crafty way of buying it guilt-free. You can do the same.


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