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Sneak peek: Evie and Andrew’s London ubuntu wedding
2014-04-29 15:33:13

Evie and Andrew had a joyous, open wedding where everyone in their community was invited to take part. They happily did away with some traditional elements, mixed in bits of new, and the result was a freewheeling, relaxed celebration that was very much them.

Check out Evie’s blog for the inside scoop of their day.


Marion: Lovely natural photo's, memories of a lovely day of celebration.

Evie Winter: Absolutely fantastic! Good to have a record of the happy memories of the day! Thanks Pui, Evie

Dana Torres: These are incredible - truly beautiful photos.

Juliet Mann: I love the details I didn't notice on the day - Evie's nail varnish matching the little bridesmaids' dresses, Alyssa having to stand on tiptoe to reach the lectern,and the photo that brings out the heart shape of Evie's bouquet (Well done, Daniel!), the Sylvanian family figures on the cake. Thanks for these, Pui

Pui Chan: Hi all, thanks so much for your lovely, lovely comments. It was a gorgeous day and such a pleasure to be able to document it.

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